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This is an intuitively chosen box just for you based on your needs.  These boxes will be special and customized just for you or that special someone you choose it for.  Each of our boxes are hand selected and intuitively chosen.  We allow the spirit to guide us with what we chose.  These boxes will help you get started on your spiritual journey or add amazing and beautiful pieces to your colloction.


Please leave us a comment and let us know if you would like us to choose intuitively or if you are looking for special items.  You can also add things like your fav shapes, crystals, colors, vibe, or what you are using it for.


We also carry other items as well such as candles and witchy items. 


So make sure to leave us a note.


We can't wait to chose your items for you. 


ADD-ON SERVICE **We also offer an add on service to see us choosing your box.  If you would like an order packing video on tik tok please search order packing and add to your cart.  The servce is $5.99



There is a method to choosing and packing your goodies!

  • First, we build each box based on the value we aim to provide to you for the size that you order. 
  • Second, we focus on the intentions of each item that we put into each box to make sure that the energies complement each other, and benefit you!  We also listen to your needs so make sure you are leaving us a comment with what your needs are or what you are looking for.  If you don't know or would like us to choose for you we will be happy to do so and will provide you with beautiful products.
  • Third, we try to provide a nice mixture and variety of stones in each box. This includes various minerals (e.g., quartz, jasper) and multiple types (polished vs. rough).




NOTE: Each mystery box of the same size may not have the same number of items, but the

value of the items will be similar. As an example, two "Medium" sizes might have completely different items. "Package A" might have 11 items and "Package B" might only have 8 items. However, each of the 8 items in "Package B" will be more valuable on average than the 11 items in "Package A", making the overall value of "Package A" and "Package B" very similar.



Intuitive box

PriceFrom $77.00
  • Returns & Exchanges

     If you are reading this policy before placing your order and you are looking for something specific (shape, pattern, coloring, candle scent etc.), please contact us first and we can find you the perfect piece!

    • Please do not send items back to us without contacting us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. Thank you!
    • If the cause of the return or exchange is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.), we will either refund you for the item or send you a new one. Please see our full policy for Order Issues below.
    • We accept Returns and Exchanges on most items under certain conditions. However, we DO NO accept Returns OR Exchanges on the following items:
      • All Aromatherapy Products: Candles, Body & Room Sprays, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs.
        • We want all customers purchasing these items to receive a freshly made aromatherapy product. We will not resell “seconds” or returned aromatherapy products.
      • All Earrings:
        • This is for hypoallergenic reasons since the earrings may have been worn. We cannot take any customers word for whether or not they have worn the earrings. We will not resell returned earrings.
      • Custom Orders or Made-to-Size items, special order, or specially made items.
        • If you need a bracelet resized, we can resize it for you for a small fee for our time + the cost of any additional materials (i.e., more beads to increase size). Buyer pays for shipping both ways. 
        • If you buy a piece of jewlery and would like it wrapped we will discuss what you are looking for prior to wrapping or designing have you sign off, pay, and let you know the time frame as it moves through the process.
    •  We accept Returns & Exchanges on all other items with the following conditions:
      • Buyer must contact us within 3 days of delivery of the item. If the item is delivered on a Monday, the buyer must contact us by Thursday. After that, we will no longer be able to accept a return or exchange.
      • The item must be shipped (not received) within 5 days of delivery.
      • The item must be in new and unused condition.
      • The item must be in its original packaging if applicable (i.e., incense sticks in plastic packaging).
      • Any item that is damaged upon return shipping will be the responsibility of the sender to file a claim for reimbursement. We will not issue a refund for items that arrive to us damaged.
      • Buyer pays for return shipping.
      • Once we receive the item back and all conditions above are met, we will issue a refund for the cost of the items only (we will not refund shipping) and inform you via email.
        • Most refunds will be processed within 5 business days by your financial institution. However, each financial institution is different, so we are unable to provide an exact timeline for your refund. If you need specific information regarding the timing of your refund, please contact your financial institution.
      • For an exchange:
        • We will work out the details of the exchange via email and ship your new item after receiving the original returned item back. Buyer will be asked to pay for shipping unless there was something wrong or incorrect about the original item.
        • If you would like to exchange f or a different item with a different cost, we will simply refund you for your original returned item and ask that you place a new order for the new item.


    Order Issues

    If there is a problem with your order such as damaged items, missing items, incorrect items etc., please contact us and we will fix the issue as quickly as possible and to the best of our ability. We are sorry in advance for any inconvenience caused to you!

    • In the case of DAMAGED ITEMS, we will work with you to file a claim with the shipping provider. We will need photos of the packaging and damaged item, so please DO NOT throw out the item or packaging until we are done with the claims process. Once the claim is approved, we will issue a refund or resend the item.
    • In the case of MISSING ITEMS, we will likely ask for photos of your package and invoice to better understand how the mistake happened on our end. We will issue a refund or send the item.
    • In the case of an INCORRECT ITEM being sent, we will likely ask for photos of your package, items and invoice to better understand how the mistake happened on our end. We will issue a refund or send the correct item. Depending on the item, we may also provide a return label with the expectation that you will ship the incorrect item back to us before we send the correct item.
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