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If you desire to live an abundant, prosperous, and wealthy life, this book was written and created for you. It was intended for you to align and see what it is like inside a wealthy, abundant, and prosperous mind.  We all know that we don't attract what we want, but rather what we believe to be true about ourselves.  In essence, we attract what we are.


Money is not something that is only for those who are born rich people, or those whose circumstances deem it possible, or those who just got lucky, oh no, no.  Monrey is for you.  It is your birthright.  It is something that has been screaming your name.  It is something that you must obtain and something you will obtain.  It is something that is necessary for you to create a happy, fulfilled, and grateful life.


This workbook consists of 3 parts: 1) Shadow work and Letting go  2) reprogramming and auto-suggestion, and 3) Effortless actrion and cosmic will.


In part one, you will dive into the subconscious shadow and uncover hidden barriers, fears, and limiting beliefs that have held you back from truly embracing and creating wealth and prosperity.  Alongside, you will reveal the hidden powers and qualities of abundance and wealth that may have been neglected and suppressed by reason of fear.


In part two, you will reprogram your subconsious mind through daily autosuggestion, affirmations, and exercises.  You will do this for 30 consecutive days to ensure success in repropgraming and reconditioning old limiting beliefs with new ones.  You will also learn powerful techniques that will aid you in attracting wealth.


In part three, you will come across the final stage of cultivating a wealth consciousness, which is the training of your will and the expressing of your newlyreconditioned wealth consciousness.  I endevor to have you unlock a cosmic will beyond your will and exhibit action effortlessly toward your goals and aims of creating prosperity.

Project 369- The Key to Prosperity: Wealth Consiousness

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