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Rose Incense Sticks - Romantic and Uplifting (10 Count)


Description: Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance of a blooming rose with our Rose Incense Sticks. This light, sweet scent is romantic and uplifting, creating a serene and delightful atmosphere wherever you use it.



  • Scent Profile: Light, Sweet Scent of Blooming Rose
  • Benefits: Romantic, Uplifting
  • Pack Size: 10 Sticks per pack
  • Materials: Reclaimed rubber wood powder (Hevea brasillensis), Indian laurel bark powder (Litsea glutinosa), Bamboo
  • Sustainability: Made using reclaimed, sustainably harvested wood waste
  • Length: 11" sticks that burn for approximately one hour each
  • Ingredients: Essential oils and perfume oils carefully blended for a unique and enchanting scent experience


Usage Instructions:

  • Select an incense stick from the pack.
  • Light the coated end of the stick using a match or lighter until it catches fire.
  • Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds, then gently blow it out, leaving the stick smoldering.
  • Place the smoldering end of the stick in an incense holder or a heat-safe container filled with sand or ash.
  • Enjoy the romantic and uplifting aroma of a blooming rose as it fills your space with beauty and serenity.


Note: Ensure proper ventilation and place the incense holder on a heat-resistant surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave burning incense unattended.


Transform your environment into a haven of romance and positivity with our Rose Incense Sticks, thoughtfully crafted from sustainable and natural ingredients.

Rose Incense Sticks

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